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Valentine’s Day: Fine Chocolate Gifts and Experiences (Part 2)

Make Mine Fine marketplace features over 100 fine chocolate companies offering direct-to-consumer sales. Many of these companies are small businesses who rely on you to purchase their products during these difficult times. Fine chocolate is a healthier alternative to store-bought candy and most of the companies have more direct purchasing arrangements with cocoa farmers.  

We hope you enjoyed our Valentine’s Day Part 1 listings of delicious box chocolate gifts from our member companies. This Part 2 provides five additional fine chocolate offerings that would make the perfect gift for loved ones.  

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is wise to order sooner rather than later!

Tandem Chocolates box of eight bonbons in various colors and shapes

Tandem Chocolates

This eight-piece set of bonbons includes seasonal winter and spring flavors and colors. The pink heart is a yuzu caramel layered with strawberry passion fruit ganache. Other flavors include a blue heart, which is a Thai coffee with condensed milk caramel, and a chocolate heart with caramel made from brown sugar caramel and vanilla fleur de sel. The assortment continues with raspberry caramel, cardamom & chili ganache, passion fruit caramel, strawberry passion fruit ganache, soft chocolate caramel, and Madagascar vanilla ganache with brûlée sugar crunch.

Driftless Chocolates box of eight bonbons with attractive decorations

Driftless Chocolates

Driftless Chocolate’s box of eight bonbons includes flavors ranging from Rosemary to Earl Grey, Orange and Anise to Earl Grey Lavender, Milk Chocolate Chai to Garden Mint, English Breakfast Tea to Intentional Dark, Espresso to Cherry Outcroppings and Raspberry. Driftless Chocolates favorites include caramels in flavors of Smokehouse, Sea Salt Honey, Caramelized Pecan, and Creamy Liquid Caramel. 

Raka chocolate bar


Not everyone is seeking bonbons as a Valentine’s gift. Why not try Raaka’s Rose Cardamom unroasted dark chocolate bar? This bar is made from the finest Tanzanian cacao, which is gently steamed over rose petals and cardamom, conjuring a luscious and dreamy floral bar. Celestial, ambrosial, transcendental.

Hand painted chocolate heart wrapped with a pink ribbon

LUXX Chocolat

Look at this beautiful hand-painted dark chocolate heart box filled with two luscious chocolates. Indulge in the chocolates and then…either crack the heart to eat as is OR add to a pan of 8 ounces hot milk or non-dairy and enjoy a special hot drinking chocolate.

Dick Taylor’s Vanilla Raspberry seasonal craft chocolate bar

Dick Taylor Chocolates

Dick Taylor’s Vanilla Raspberry seasonal craft chocolate bar is made from their award winning 72% Belize Dark Chocolate with organic cacao from Maya Mountain Co-op in Belize, dusted with a delicious blend of tangy organic raspberries and sweet vanilla coconut palm sugar. A special treat for a special someone.

By Bill Guyton

Bill Guyton is the Executive Director of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association.