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Valentine’s Day: Fine Chocolate Gifts and Experiences (Part 1)

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about how you might show that special someone how much you care. This festive celebration of love has many iconic symbols that make the day recognizable, whether they are flowers, candies, or just a red heart sent in the mail. Above all else, nothing says Valentine’s Day more than a box of chocolates.  

This year, we at Make Mine Fine want to spread the love from our members to you. So many exciting features are being offered this season by many of our associated chocolatiers, whether it’s a classic milk chocolate heart to an easy and festive and strawberry rocher recipe experience. With Valentine’s Day only two weeks away, be sure to order today!

Box of three heart-shaped chocolates and three bonbons, with a ribbon around the box lid

andSons Chocolates

To begin, we have andSons Chocolatiers. Located in Beverly Hills, CA, this second-generation chocolatier is run by two brothers born into the fine chocolate industry, but not into their love for the craft. As they continue to make confections out of their LA kitchen, their Valentine’s Small Gesture Box offers big things in small packages. Send this to a friend or loved one and put a smile on their face.

Boxes of assorted fine chocolates, each with a different mix

Dancing Lion Chocolate

Next, we have a step-up from the traditional box of chocolates with Dancing Lion Chocolate’s Bonbon Sharing Boxes. With this box, you only need to decide your size — the rest is a surprise. The chocolates sent will be a sample of some of Dancing Lion’s most recent creations. If you or your special someone is a lover of the unknown, this is the perfect gift.

Large box containing chocolate gifts

Christopher Elbow Chocolates

This Valentine’s Day celebration can last more than just a day. Since 2003, Christopher Elbow Chocolates has been producing quality cultivations with a modern twist. Containing their signature nine-piece chocolate collection in a red and gold box, one round of toffee, one round of chocolate covered almonds, two dark chocolate fleur de sel pecan caramels, and three signature chocolate bars, this Artisan Chocolate Gift Box won’t disappoint.

Hollow chocolate heart, broken open to reveal more chocolates inside, next to a rose flower arrangement

KAIRI Chocolate

Additionally, KAIRI Chocolate has created the one heart that is ok to break … one made from chocolate.  The delicate outer shells hold even more edible fun inside and are great theatrical gifts. The best part is that there is no wrapper to throw away!  Visit KAIRI’S Facebook page to learn more.

Ruby-colored chocolates

Valrhona Chocolate

To wrap up our list, Valrhona Chocolate has a special red recipe perfect for February 14. Sourcing their fine cocoa in the small village of Tain L’Hermitage, France, Valrhona Chocolate’s founder and Pastry Chef Albéric Guironnet prides himself in the combination of complex and unique flavors.  Whether you’re an experienced chocolatier or just looking to try something new and fun with someone you care about, these Strawberry Rochers made with their Fruit and Nut Couvert are sure to satisfy.  

By Bill Guyton

Bill Guyton is the Executive Director of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association.