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Chocolate Is Always In-Season

It’s April 1st and although the official first day of spring was two weeks ago, today feels more like the long-awaited season. With the transition to spring and the month of April beginning, there is a natural shift for many of us to start thinking about Easter chocolate, especially in the fine chocolate industry. 

In fact, our members have been very busy preparing special seasonal offerings of their delicious chocolates. From the adorable shapes of bunnies and chicks, to gorgeous pastel egg colors and speckled designs, our members do not disappoint. Even their spring flavors are extraordinary! 

We couldn’t be happier to share these works of art. Have you seen our social media posts over the last couple of weeks? We’ve been leading up to this memorable season with incredible chocolates and will continue to do so until the Easter ordering window closes, or our members sell out. So, be sure to check out all of the fun flavors and designs and grab them up while you can.  

In case you’ve missed it on our Facebook and Instagram, we have featured the following members’ Easter offerings, to date.

andSons Chocolatiers, Signature Easter Eggs
Garcia Nevett, Dulce de Leche Egg
  • The Goodtime Bunny from Lake Champlain Chocolates, crafted from three pounds of gourmet milk chocolate, decorated with white and dark chocolate accents and standing at over one foot tall.
Lake Champlain Chocolates, The Good Time Bunny
Chocolate Maya, Salted Caramel White Chocolate Eggs
  • From a typical Brazilian delicacy, the Honey Bread Egg was born. Mission Chocolate developed this egg based on pão de mel, a typical  Brazilian dessert that they love and want the whole world to try. Made with chocolate milk and a touch of spices, it is the perfect option for fans of this dessert.
Mission Chocolate, Honey Bread Egg
  • At The Violet Chocolate Company they’re getting their Easter treats ready, including a Fluffle of Bunnies with all new flavors. This year the trio includes Raspberry Lemonade, award-winning Strawberry Basil, and a dark chocolate Blueberry Cherry. All crafted by hand, in bite-size bunny ears, packaged together to celebrate spring.
The Violet Chocolate Company, Fluffle of Bunnies
  • Celebrate Easter with one or both of the Easter Egg truffle sets from Maya Moon Co.  They are available in traditional flavors of dark chocolate and mixed berry dark chocolate; or bold flavors of lemon dark chocolate, chai spice dark chocolate, peppermint dark chocolate and dark chocolate.
Maya Moon Co., Easter Egg Truffles

Do we have you in the mood for springtime chocolates yet? Stay tuned for more

Be sure to visit these FCIA member sites, and follow us on Make Mine Fine’s Facebook and Instagram for more delicious and unique seasonal chocolate specialties like these. We know that chocolate is always in-season, but we like to have a reason to celebrate fine chocolate in any way that we can.  

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