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How Dateolate Solved Chocolate’s Biggest Problem

When healthy sweets taste like chocolate instead of something bland, it becomes more enticing to invest in our personal wellness. We deserve to feel strong and healthy without the typical torture it often takes to get there. 

Do you know that the global chocolate industry is estimated to be valued at $127.9 billion in 2022? These statistics are enough to show people’s love for chocolate. Chocolate is no doubt a family favorite, but it’s often full of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. But what if I told you there was a healthier chocolate option that was just as delicious?

Yes, you heard it right.

Dateolate is working to make healthier chocolate alternatives for families. Their chocolates are not only delicious but also nutritious. 

Let’s learn more about it.

A Sweet Beginning
When Roya Javaherchi was a little girl in Iran, she was immersed in a culture that embraced and celebrated treats, especially chocolates. She also happened to come from a long line of diabetics, leading to dynamic and innovative family cooking in her household. 

In place of many traditional sugary sweets, her mother and grandmother substituted dates in a variety of ways that became so beloved and nostalgic to her as she grew up. Her family had discovered a fruit replacement that so beautifully filled that craving for chocolate and sweets, all while contributing to their wellness. 

Roya’s grandmothers taught her to incorporate date fruits into recipes as a substitute for sugar in a way that satisfied and delighted and yet preserved the original taste. She earned a bachelor’s degree in food science engineering and landed a job at a specialty company that helped her hone that craft. 

After immigrating to the U.S. in 2013. Roya spent some time in various jobs until she ditched her 9-5 for a new life of glazing, melting, and taste testing—for quality control, of course.

Becoming skilled and masterful at creating decadent treats using healthy alternatives became about so much more than just delivering incomparably delicious flavor. It also became the solution to so many problems that it inspired her to share her creations by starting a brand named Dateolate that focuses on creating a healthy solution for chocolates. 

The Sugar Problem
It’s no secret that many people avoid chocolate because of its high concentration of sugar. And those people who do indulge still struggle with the guilt of eating this much sugar. The consumers of dark chocolate often complain about the bitter taste, and if they don’t partake, they comment about missing the satisfaction that comes from eating chocolates.

Roya solved this problem by infusing dates into chocolates with a special formulation. The final product is sweet and tastes exactly like chocolate, but because of the creaminess of the date paste, it feels significantly more satisfying. 

Dateolates are 90 percent natural date fruits, without nearly as much fat, sugar, or carbohydrates as typical chocolates. This means Dateolates much more diet friendly.

According to the National Confectioners Association, 91 percent of American families consume chocolate daily. On the other hand, the bad reputation of chocolate—it is high in sugar and leads to weight gain, for example—has made people feel guilty about eating it. 

Despite what most people think, eating chocolate may have health benefits, but further research is needed to confirm that eating chocolate can improve people’s health. 

But we know that a Datolate chocolate has health benefits because it is made with 90 percent dates. That means our chocolates have a lot of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 

We have been able to make healthier chocolates and a more satisfying sweet for families. Dateolates can easily be used as a routine chocolate during the day and families no longer feel guilty of buying chocolate or giving sweets to their loved ones. 

Datolate is a scrumptious, healthy chocolate treat. It is soft on the inside with delicate finely chopped dates and a creamy date paste, and the outside is drizzled with a layer of dark chocolate.

The Health Benefits of Dateolate
The following are some of the benefits of Dateolate:

They are low in fat
Dateolate chocolates are a great way to add variety to your diet. The low-fat content of this chocolate helps you avoid heartburn, indigestion, and bloating.

They are high in nutrients
Dateolate chocolates are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them the perfect treat for your family. These chocolates also contain iron, zinc, and copper, which can aid in digestion and the absorption of nutrients.

They promote heart health
Dateolates are a great source of potassium and magnesium, which can boost energy levels, help you sleep better, and even improve heart health.

They help with weight loss
Dateolate chocolates are low in fat, making them an ideal choice for people who want to lose or keep their weight under control. This is because the low-fat content of these bars helps you feel fuller longer, meaning that you will eat fewer calories overall.

They are good for digestive health
Dateolate chocolates are high in fiber and protein, making them beneficial for lean muscle growth and helping your body absorb nutrients, like calcium, more efficiently. Also, fiber helps prevent constipation and is good for your digestive health.

Three pieces of Dateolate chocolate are only 100 total calories, which is a much lower calorie count you would get in equally sized 100 percent dark chocolate.

Where Can You Find Dateolate?
Our customers tell us they love Dateolate. It has such a positive influence on people, their lifestyles and health. It is a perfect snack for health-conscience people. We are excited about sharing our chocolate with more people around the world.

For more information or to place an order, visit Dateolate’s website

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Chocolate Packaging Specialists: S. Walter Packaging

A package designed and manufactured by S. W. Packaging.

You may have seen a new face at the 2022 Dallas Chocolate Festival: Vincent Scandura, national account executive at S. Walter Packaging.

At the same event, you also could have seen the “Spooky Collection” offered by Kate Weiser Chocolate in Dallas. This packaging series was recently recognized by GEA for excellence in the folded carton and specialty inks and finishes used category. It was an attention getter at a festival stocked with chocolate products galore, and it was all produced by S.W. Packaging.

Fine chocolate is one of the key markets served by S.W. Packaging, or SWP—other markets include food and beverage, fashion, beauty, jewelry, and hospitality. SWP is one of the companies that make up the S.W. Packaging Group, led by president and CEO Kurt Koloseike. 

The Pennsylvania-based company (with offices and warehouses across the U.S.) has been around since 1904. For nearly 120 years, SWP continues to innovate across multiple industry segments, including storage, distribution, and design, while thriving amidst seismic shifts in technology, regulations and sustainability. 

They have more than 118 years of experience and more than 320 employees working with specialized retailers and both brick-and-mortar operations to provide custom packaging solutions for online commerce. Clients include Lindt, Godiva and independent operators like Weiser.

“Chocolatiers are a unique customer group due to their role as both artisans and creators. They each have their own story and a specific view of how it should be told.” Koloseike says. “Their craftsmanship and innovation challenges us to develop custom packaging solutions that not only protect the product, but is a customer-engaging, storytelling brand experience.” 

S.W. Packaging loves dealing with this kind of client, whose brand is everything to them, working hard to infuse those ideals into the packaging while keeping it cost effective. A new member of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA), the company boasts a worldwide supply chain to provide flexible packaging needs for the chocolate industry—it also works with food, beverage, liquor, and more recently, cannabis companies.

One of the designs SWP created for Kate Weiser Chocolate.

Design, Sourcing, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Distribution & Logistics
S. W Packaging offers a full spectrum of services including their dedicated design teams, folding carton and rigid box manufacturing, tailormade bags, bows, boxes and accessories, and leading-edge enhancements and prototyping. S.W Packaging is ready to bring a chocolatier’s vision to life and products to market.

They also provide a strong distribution and inventory management system using warehouses around the country up to and including placing the chocolate in the packaging to ship to the customer. In addition, S.W Packaging has earned the highest level of certification for direct and indirect food contact from the Safe Quality Food Institute and works with a wide range of specialty foods. Even cereal giant General Mills is a client.

“We know food in the high-end space and elsewhere and employ tightly controlled operating standards,” Koloseike says. “We have a lot of variable data we can process through printing and enhancement presses like embossing foil and printing on the carton itself that have become very cost-effective ways for niche brands to differentiate themselves from bigger companies. 

Their specialty is in balancing the value add for each client, where it makes sense to go the extra step–or not–in the process of creating a brand image for the consumer and the functionality of the packaging.

“We inventory the packaging and work through very detailed design and fabrication processes with our clients. Then we store that inventory for them,” Koloseike says. “It allows them to buy in economies of scale, and we work with them on detailed processing and forecasting.”

Known for leading with design, S.W. Packaging is doing more and more three-dimensional packaging in the carton space, considering the structural aspect to ensure high-durability packaging. 

“Design and engineering have always been a big part of what we do to get form and function,” Koloseike says. “A lot of our work with chocolatiers is about color scheme, the decoration on the box itself, how that impacts customers at their store and on their website.”

For Weiser, S.W. Packaging worked with her to develop a Halloween-themed design from scratch that she loved and was distributed at Costco–which also loved it.

A Halloween design by SWP for Kate Weiser Chocolate.

All About Relationships
It’s not the first thing creative—and tough—chocolatiers want to think about, but technology has come a long way in packaging. S.W. Packaging embraces technology, invests in it, and brings that value to everyone it works with. It’s that approach that has endeared them to clients.

“In terms of the real customized work we do for middle-market, customer-based, high-end chocolate and candy companies, it’s about service, the relationship, and the quality of product we provide,” noted Vince Scandura, a vice president of sales for SWP. “That drives a lot of our success, because we take the same approach to their packaging as they do to their products.”

According to Scandura, most FCIA members are purchasing a range of packaging options, but boxes are, by far, the biggest in terms of demand. And now that S.W. Packaging has invested in domestic manufacturing, they can help clients enter markets across the country. Whether that means bricks-and-mortar or e-commerce and the unique needs of the client growth model, new markets can be key, as is the fulfillment and operational infrastructure to serve those markets.

Sometimes those client services include taking legal parameters into account, as is the case with the laws many municipalities have enacted that regulate the use of plastic bags. As a service to all business owners, S. W Packaging developed and regularly updates a website,, that is free to use, where retailers can check on current and pending legislation that might affect their business. In today’s environment, it’s important to understand the requirements for each market, and SWP has products to help their clients navigate an increasingly complex area of their business.  

“It’s all part of our service to our clients. We understand where you’re located and the rules and laws of packaging in those areas, and we’re going to help avoid that becoming an issue,” Koloseike says. “There might be a ban on plastic or any walk-out-of-the-store bags. We come to the table with that knowledge and help you with products that comply with these regulations because there are penalties for non-compliance.”

There’s a growing need for this service in the marketplace and S.W. Packaging has more than 20 years of experience in this area. Sustainability is a huge issue in the fine chocolate industry and at the company, too, which has a solar field to feed energy to the plant. It also recycles 90 percent of everything flowing through the plant.

A Halloween themed package designed by S.W. Packaging.

Chocolatiers, Welcome!
With all these services in place, some for more than a century, S.W. Packaging is ready to work with more chocolatiers.

“Our goal is to get to know every FCIA member, who they are, what we can do for them, and how we can provide value,” Koloseike says. “Our focus is on chocolatiers. We want them to know we’re here and can provide value in a very cooperative way and by not putting them in competition with each other.

According to Koloseike, the next steps for S.W. Packaging are more customer-facing marketing initiatives, as well as continuing to invest in property, the company’s plant and equipment to increase value to its customer base. 

“We want to make sure we’re bringing turnkey value—meaning speed, quality and service—to our customers, helping them grow their business, which will help us expand the number of chocolatiers we work with,” he says. 

When not thinking about and acting on all aspects of the packaging industry, Koloseike spends time with his family. He has seven children from four years of age to 22.

So far, the only packaging work he does with the family includes bundling them up to go skiing in New Hampshire.

“Some of my kids like cold weather, some don’t, but they all love chocolate,” he says with a laugh.