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Women in Chocolate: Young FCIA Member Shares Her Passion for Chocolates

Amelie Khachatryan is a young Armenian girl with a passion for chocolates. That passion has led her to where she is today—the founder and CEO of L’Amélie Chocolatier, a chocolate company that specializes in making colorful designer bonbons.

As a child, Khachatryan was fascinated by chocolates, and she  remembers spending hours with working with her mother—her company specialized in making pastry and cakes—experimenting with various ingredients and creating unique chocolate recipes. As she grew up, her passion for chocolates continued to grow. It wasn’t long until she knew she wanted to pursue chocolates as a career. 

“That’s when the idea to start a chocolate company came to me,” Khachatryan says. “I wanted to create chocolates that were not just delicious but also visually appealing.”

When Khachatryan, now 23, started experimenting with different colors and designs, she started to gain a better understanding of what she could create. She spent months perfecting her recipes, and the result was a range of colorful designer bonbons she said looked as good as they tasted. 

With that information in her pocket, Khachatryan knew she wanted to share her creations with people. To do that, she needed to start her own business—not something easy for a young woman in Armenia. And she did, launching her L’Amelie Chocolatier brand in 2019.

“One of my goals is to provide a unique and memorable experience for my customers. Chocolates should not just be a treat for the taste buds; they should also be a visual treat for the eyes,” she says.

To ensure people are enjoying the taste and the presentation of the chocolates, Khachatryan says she puts a lot of emphasis on the design of her chocolates and the way they look. Each bonbon is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure it looks as good as it tastes.

One of the unique features of L’Amelie brand chocolates in the range of colors that Khachatryan uses in each of her chocolates. She believes colors can evoke different emotions and moods, which is why she uses so many in her bonbons. From bright and vibrant colors to subtle and muted hues, Khachatryan’s chocolates are designed to appeal to everyone. Aside from the colors, she also experiments with different flavors and textures with the goal of creating unique flavor combinations not commonly found in traditional chocolates. Crunchy nuts, soft caramel and smooth ganache are used to create a multi-dimensional experience for the taste buds.


Achieving and Inspiring
Having a successful and well-known business at a young age is a remarkable achievement for her, Khachatryan said. It took a lot of dedication, hard work, and perseverance to build a thriving enterprise. Young entrepreneurs, whether in Armenia or elsewhere around the world, often have a unique perspective and fresh ideas that can shake up the industry and create new trends. With the right combination of ambition, creativity, and sound business acumen, Khachatryan plans on turning her vision into a sustainable and profitable business. 

“Being successful at a young age brought financial freedom and independence, but success didn’t come overnight,” she said. “It’s been a continuous effort and desire to learn to maintain a successful business.”

Khachatryan says running a business at a young age has not been easy, but it has been a tremendously fulfilling experience. It has taught her valuable lessons in time management, decision-making, and customer service. It has also given her the opportunity to pursue her passion and achieve her dream by turning it into a successful venture.

As she continues her L’Amelie Chocolatier journey, Khachatryan hopes to expand her offerings and her reach. She says she’ll continue to live the dream and hopes that everyone sees that chocolates should be more than just a treat; they should be a memorable experience.

“I hope you’ll try my chocolates and join me on this exciting adventure,” Khachatryan says.

For more information on L’Amélie Chocolatier, visit the company’s website.

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