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Top 10 Chocolate Gifts To Wow Your Loved Ones For Valentine’s Day

February has arrived and with it, the biggest day for fine chocolate makers and retailers is fast approaching. Valentine’s Day is celebrated by many, from couples to children, romance to celebrating the love we share. This special day has become synonymous with chocolate of all kinds. We, at the Fine Chocolate Industry Association, would like to honor our namesake with a unique list of ideas surrounding this holiday. Let’s celebrate our love of fine chocolate by reviewing our Top 10 Chocolate Gifts for Valentine’s Day. They are sure to impress!

Fruition Chocolate Gift Box

This year, we are thinking outside of the proverbial chocolate box. Our members at the FCIA have extraordinary offerings. In no particular order, here are ten ideas. Let’s get started. 

1. CocoTerra Tabletop Chocolate-making Machine for the home chocolate maker

2. For the cocktail enthusiast, Indi Chocolate has a Cacao Infusion Kit. Add your spirit of choice and let it infuse for three days or more. (Drink. Repeat.)

Cacao Infusion Kit from Indi Chocolate

3. From Fruition Chocolate, a Subscription Membership to receive chocolates delivered to your door every two months. Available to pay monthly or annually as a gift! 

4. Virtual Chocolate & Cheese Pairing Class from Caputo’s Market. Their most popular tasting class gets a new pairing treatment…cheese! Find out how to identify flavors, get familiarized with great chocolate makers, and learn other priceless bits of chocolate know-how, along with what makes certain chocolate “fine” and others “standard.”

5. For the more savvy (or advanced) fine chocolate-lover, we found the perfect gift: a chocolate master class by Ecole Chocolat. Their Mastering Chocolate Flavor Program will give participants the opportunity to focus on the intricacies of chocolate flavor, while helping use chocolate more effectively. Understanding chocolate flavor will help create better and more interesting chocolate recipes.

6. Chakra Truffles from Maya Moon Collective to activate your energy centers. Each gift box comes with a link to guided meditations for each flavor to elevate your embodied eating experience and align your energy.

Maya Moon’s Chakra Chocolate Truffles Gift Box

7. Plant based chocolate bars from TCHO Chocolate. They have a variety to select from and even offer a gift box.

8. Drinking chocolate from Mission Chocolate. Bringing you the flavors of traditional drinking chocolate from Mexico with these chocolate disks, flavored with cinnamon: just add water or milk. 

9. Book a unique Kahkow Experience, such as a Virtual Farm Tour, a Virtual Factory Tour, or Live Demonstration. 

10. Chocolate Bars of The World Gift Box from Bar & Cocoa. This special box brings together 7 or 10 curated chocolate bars for an amazing chocolate adventure.

We do hope you’ll explore these different gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, and also take this opportunity to learn more about these craft chocolate brands. 

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