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Fine Chocolate Gift Ideas for a Safe Halloween 2020

This Halloween will be like no other. Given the concerns of COVID-19, many families are preparing to celebrate the October 31 holiday at home. Rather than purchasing candy from your local supermarket or drugstore, why not order quality chocolate online that tastes better and is better for you? By doing so, you are also helping to support artisan chocolate makers and farming communities who grow cocoa responsibly in the tropics. 

The Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA) launched this marketplace website, Make Mine Fine, to help fine chocolate companies of all sizes with direct consumer sales. Fine chocolate is higher in cocoa content, lower in sugar, and is offered in a variety of sizes, shapes and price points. Here are some ideas to get you started as you prepare for Halloween.

Bite Size Chocolates

As you look through Make Mine Fine company websites, notice that many offer bite size chocolate which are perfect for Halloween. Prices are comparable, in many cases, to the mass market candy and chocolate sold in convenience stores. This is the perfect trick-or-treat alternative!

Delicious Combos and Infusions

Maybe your preference is more combos or infusions with other flavors. Make Mine Fine listings have many company products with unique flavors that are perfect to enjoy on Halloween.  

Gift Boxes and Baskets 

Many of our company members offer gift boxes with a variety of chocolates. This type of gift can be shared among family members and friends.

Bake It Yourself!

Why not learn how to bake chocolate at home?  Our company members sell chocolate making equipment and baking kits, as well as online webinars to teach you proper techniques. You can also purchase chocolate making equipment to make from home.