Maribea Craft Chocolate

7200 Sprague Road, Odessa, TX 79764, USA
7200 Sprague Road Odessa Texas 79764 US

Established simply from a love of chocolate, Mark Merritt began experimenting with how to make chocolate in 2013. His hobby led him to explore the origin of the cacao bean and how flavors develop to culminate in a bar of chocolate. In a day when less is more, Mark discovered the essence of bean to bar is ultimately in the process, a proper balance of both chemistry and physics. With limited ingredients- cacao beans, cocoa butter, cane sugar- each aspect of the process, enhances the unique character of a cacao bean.

Mark named his chocolate passion after another passion, his best friend and wife, Maribea (pronounced merry bee).

Maribea brings chocolate enthusiasts an exclusive taste experience found only in a bean-to-bar product. With cacao beans growing only in countries up to twenty-two degrees north and south of the equator, all aspects of the cacao beans’ journey offer a distinct result with each batch of chocolate produced. Maribea produces chocolate for both retail and wholesale.