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Caputo’s expansive collection of 50 craft chocolate brands centers around a single unifying theme: cacao beans of respectable provenance. As advocates for craft chocolate, we fight for makers whose chocolate is not only exceptional, but whose dedication to farmers’ quality of life is strong. We offer free shipping on all chocolate, all year long.

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Because our passion for craft chocolate is centered on sharing it, we offer free shipping on all chocolate, with no minimums. 

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The Chocolate Enthusiast is a chocolate curator and purveyor of a delightful selection of craft chocolate from around the world. I am fiercely committed to supporting the many dedicated and talented craft chocolate makers and cacao farmers by showcasing their products at pop-up shops and in my online store. Services include tasting experiences, pairings, and education. I thoroughly enjoy sharing continuous knowledge gained about cacao and new products with my customers in a very enthusiastic manner!

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Chocolopolis is a chocolate retail store located in Seattle and online. Chocolopolis invites customers to discover a world of chocolate. A pioneer in the craft chocolate industry, Chocolopolis was one of the first chocolate retail stores in the US to focus on building a customer community through chocolate tastings, experiences, and education. Chocolopolis opened in July 2008, just as the American craft chocolate movement began.

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