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204 N 17th St, Louisville, KY, USA

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85 Washington Ave, Northampton, MA 01060, USA

At Tangle Chocolate, we make by hand 9-calorie chocolate slivers that melt on your tongue. Simple, elegant, and exquisitely boxed, the slivers showcase our extraordinary two-ingredient chocolate and encourage you to elevate everyday moments with a little something special.

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314 West Broadway, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Caputo’s expansive collection of 50 craft chocolate brands centers around a single unifying theme: cacao beans of respectable provenance. As advocates for craft chocolate, we fight for makers whose chocolate is not only exceptional, but whose dedication to farmers’ quality of life is strong. We offer free shipping on all chocolate, all year long.

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Because our passion for craft chocolate is centered on sharing it, we offer free shipping on all chocolate, with no minimums.

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Holiday Products

We have a number of holiday offerings – private online tasting classes featuring chocolate, cheese, and regional specialties (Tour of Italy, for example); Caputo’s Party Kits (party boxes filled with cheese, chocolate, and salumi sent to each attendee’s door, with a Caputo’s MC over zoom to lead the event with trivia and games); and our beautiful Gift Collections (featuring meat and cheese and chocolate spreads, or focused on chocolate exclusively).

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Missoula, MT, USA

KOKO is the new coffee! bare KOKO is an ethically sourced, roasted, and ground cocoa that you brew like coffee or tea. All of the taste and benefits of chocolate with none of the sugar or dairy additives that can make chocolate unapproachable for some folks.


We want to Multiply the positive impact of the “bean-to-bar” chocolate movement through learning experiences that promote a life philosophy that benefits the world. Our values are:

  1.  Knowledge: We want to share our knowledge through meaningful experiences and be part of those that share our beliefs. Those are the ones that improve the world.
  2.  Accessible: “If it is good for my health and the environment, then everyone should know about it.”
  3. Healthy Lifestyle: “We want to be healthy so we can enjoy life and also help others to take care of themselves by making informed decisions.”
  4. Sustainability: “We ensure that our suppliers take care of the environment, and we take care of them.”

Hereidsvegen, 5783 Eidfjord, Norway
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12 North Dean Street, Englewood, NJ 07631, USA

At Coco Jolie, we are dedicated to the art and craft of fine chocolate. We strive to deliver the best in taste and design while adhering to high ethical standards. All our chocolate is fair trade or direct trade, and the vast majority of our all natural ingredients are organic as well. Each Coco Jolie confection bears our deliciously unique signature, a distinct blend of the terroir of the cacao farms, European culinary tradition, and the innovative, creative spirit of our founder. In addition, we are certified Kosher and all our products are 100% vegan. We believe in giving our customers the very best while never sacrificing the greater ethical, sustainable, and equitable good.

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In addition to our product range of bonbons, truffles, bars, beverages and snack items, we also offer small-group chocolate making classes in our production kitchen.

559 Stewart Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314, USA

Conexión Chocolate is a premium chocolate company, offering high quality single-origin chocolate made with heirloom and Nacional cacao directly sourced from farmers cooperatives. Each recipe starts on the farm, where we source the finest cacao beans directly from farmers cooperatives, and develop flavor profiles suited to each unique single origin. We offer couverture to chocolatiers and chefs and bars to consumers and grocers.

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St. Louis, Missouri 63104, USA

We make bean-to-bar chocolate sweetened solely with raw honey. All ingredients are sourced responsibly from our trusted suppliers where they are crafted in Saint Louis, Missouri. All of our packaging is biodegradable and compostable.

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30 Arbor Ln, Bardonia, NY, USA

Villakuyaya is a woman-owned company that is engaged with sustainable agriculture to guarantee organic practices, partners directly with a cacao farmers association in Ecuador to strengthen fair trade. Chocolate pure and tea inclusion flavors.

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15% in orders up to $50

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21 Broad Hill Rd, Leverett, MA, USA
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Bar & Cocoa is a premier destination for craft and bean to bar chocolate. We feature over 70 makers from over 40 countries. We source the finest craft chocolate from all over the world.

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97 North 10th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA

Kahkow is a store, a workshop, and a space that showcases the best in the farm-to-bar industry. It is a one-stop-shop for craft chocolate makers and prosumers in quest of the finest ingredients for their creations. We’re proud to present cacao and chocolate lovers the richness and the infinite possibilities offered by real farms in the Dominican Republic. “One cacao bean does not represent an entire country, where there can be thousands of varieties”. We are very excited to share our chocolate creations with the rest of the world”.

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Our concept store is now open from Tuesday-Sunday | 10am-5pm You can also order ahead & pick-up or have #kahkow shipped

A special thanks to the FCIA for supporting us since the beginning, and for helping us introduce our craft in the US while making it feel like home.

To see FCIA’s 2019 reception at the Williamsburg store, visit our FB page:

Holiday Products

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The Chocolate Enthusiast is a chocolate curator and purveyor of a delightful selection of craft chocolate from around the world. I am fiercely committed to supporting the many dedicated and talented craft chocolate makers and cacao farmers by showcasing their products at pop-up shops and in my online store. Services include tasting experiences, pairings, and education. I thoroughly enjoy sharing continuous knowledge gained about cacao and new products with my customers in a very enthusiastic manner!

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Holiday Products

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750 Pine Street, Burlington, VT 05401, USA

Lake Champlain Chocolates’ handcrafted chocolates capture the essence of Vermont, the tradition of craftsmanship, over 35 years of expertise, and the passion for quality, in each irresistibly delicious bite.

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221 2nd Street, Langley, WA 98260, USA

We sweeten the world from beautiful Whidbey Island through Sweet Mona’s Chocolates. Each piece is made with loving intentions and a joyful life force promoting sweet mindful moments of bliss. We use origin chocolates from Ecuador and Venezuela and natural ingredients in our chocolate confections. We love what we do and love the people we serve and it shows.

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2647 Ariane Drive, San Diego, CA 92117

Maya Moon Co. is committed to supporting a more connected, conscious world through energy-activating cacao truffles and drinking chocolate. We make all of our cacao-based products with organic ingredients, including direct trade South American cacao, raw honey, maple sugar and powerful adaptogens and herbs that support vibrant health. We envision a thriving global ecosystem where all people, plants and animals are living open hearted and in harmony with themselves, each other and Mother Earth.

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After moving all of our business online during COVID-19, we are excited to open our first brick-and-mortar cacao cafe summer 2021 in San Diego. Come join us for drinking cacao, cacao truffles and chocolate pastries plus meditations and tasting experiences.

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952 Bethany Turnpike, Honesdale, PA 18431, USA

Our mission is to empower farmers and restore the environment. We do this by ethically sourcing coffee and cacao, creating jobs on our farm in Cameroon, and planting a tree for every product sold. Born as a community farming project in Cameroon, Africa, Moka Origins has since grown into a brand with a passion for crafting small-batch chocolate and coffee. Whether grown at our farm or ethically sourced from our partners around the world, our beans generate real social change.


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Small batch handcrafted bonbons, bars and baking chocolate for people on the keto low-carb diet, diabetic or those who want healthier zero-glycemic choices. All chocolate begins with cocoa mass or nibs to make non-sweetened TOTALLY! chocolate or subtly sweetened with erythritol called MonKKey chocolate.

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