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Grand Rapids, Michigan , United States

Atucún specializes in the sourcing and crafting of exquisite fino de aroma cacao products and chocolate hailing from Honduras. Our team is split evenly between Comayagua, Honduras, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, forging a transformative path within the supply chain upheld by honesty, excellence, and originality. We proudly dub ourselves as ‘tree-to-bar’ practitioners, actively collaborating with producers to deliver their offerings to bean-to-bar artisans, chocolatiers, and culinary experts across the expanse of the United States.

For those intrigued by cacao and chocolate deeply rooted in the history of the Mayan empire, we extend a warm invitation to establish a connection with us—a chance to delve, innovate, and amplify the gift that the Mayan deity Kulkukan bestowed upon the world.

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